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Mapov, map based hotel search

mapov hotel search

Working with the founder Richard Jackson as the developer/architect of mapov, we took his idea for a global map based hotel search/booking system from a proof of concept to beta commercial realisation.

Servicing a quarter of a million hotels worldwide, with the team growing to 7 strong over the three years I was involved.

Particular focus was on performance both front and backends.

On the front end rapidly populating a map with 1000’s of results without blocking the GUI interface during updates was a significant challenge, especially considering the target devices, from mobile to desktop.

On the backend it was necessary to query multiple hotel partners APIs for rates and availability on the same hotel stay in parallel, delivering the information to the front end as answers came back in realtime.

Data matching and de-duplication became a major backend task requiring matching algorithms to be developed, so the same hotel from different providers could be determined, and amenities normalised.

Key technologies/areas:

Hotel booking API’s, large Javascript web app, PHP, Java, MySQL, MongoDB, Varnish, Rackspace, AWS EC2, Agile development.