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crowdfunder uk

I joined the Crowdfunder team as Lead Developer in April 2014, undertaking converting the site to being responsive, migrating from a heavily modified CI framework to the current supported release, carried out security hardening. Optimised the sites performance to handle traffic volumes (10K simultaneous SSL sessions) from high profile crowdfunding campaigns involving celebrities such as Harry Stiles of One Direction.

Implemented new site features with the development team, such as project owner dashboards to give customers greater visibility of key stats visually; campaign & champion concepts to support new revenue streams to name a few.

Implemented A/B testing based on Google experiments and an in-house developed framework, to drive UI changes based on results.

Improved internal company reporting on KPI’s to help drive evidence based decisions.

Key technologies/areas:

PHP, MySQL, Code-ignitor, bootstrap, Social APIs, Payment APIs (PayPal/Stripe/GoCardless), Mail API (Mandrill), back ground workers via Redis queues, performance (New Relic), responsive conversion, security, A/B testing, Google Analytics e-commerce integration.